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Nasolabial fold filler

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Nasolabial fold filler

The nasolabial fold is the line that runs from the sides of the nostrils to the corner of the mouth. These facial wrinkles can extend to the lower jaw area via a connection with the dimple lines around the corners of the mouth. The nasolabial fold varies in severity from person to person, even at a young age.
The course of this wrinkle depends on the shape of the face and becomes deeper with age.

The sagging of the nasolabial folds can be corrected with a special filler so that you can finally return to your old youthful appearance by injecting these wrinkles.

The advantages of treatment with nasolabial fold filler

  • You can optimally plump up the nasolabial folds with hyaluronic acid as well as with other fillers
  • You can regain your youthful appearance with injections
  • The application is painless and simple
  • No surgery is required to plump up these facial wrinkles, which also eliminates the risks of anaesthesia
  • There are different treatment options
  • There are few to no side effects
  • The result is long-lasting

Injecting nasolabial folds – what exactly happens?

Nasolabial folds are facial wrinkles that become more pronounced and deeper over the years. This changes a person’s entire facial expression, unfortunately in a negative way. However, this is a natural
natural process caused by the breakdown of hyaluronic acid in the body. This also causes the skin to lose elasticity.

An injection is carried out on an outpatient basis and usually takes no longer than approx. 15 minutes. The selected filler is injected into the affected areas of the face and can take effect directly on site. Before injecting the wrinkles, the affected skin area is usually lightly anaesthetised so that the entire treatment is pain-free. We offer high-quality derma fillers based on hyaluronic acid, which is not only very effective but also well tolerated as an endogenous substance.

Important: If the nasolabial folds are very deep and pronounced, it may take several treatments to lift them completely. This also prevents bumps or so-called overcorrection, as only smaller doses are injected.

Hyaluronic acid filler – finally wrinkle-free

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our bodies. However, the human body stops producing it with age, although it still breaks down hyaluronic acid. The body
therefore knows hyaluronic acid very well and absorbs it excellently during an injection. Injecting the nasolabial folds with the hyaluronic acid filler from our range therefore makes it possible to add this substance to the body exactly where it is missing and the lack of it has left its mark.

Important to know: Hyaluronic acid, which is injected by syringe, is also gradually broken down by your body. As a result, this type of treatment should be carried out regularly.
should be carried out regularly.

Buy nasolabial fold filler

Are you looking for genuine premium nasolabial fold fillers and attach great importance to
an effective effect and outstanding quality? Then you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our range. Benefit from well-known manufacturer brands and particularly favourable prices.
Important: We recommend that you do not carry out the injections yourself. You should have such a treatment carried out by an experienced and trained doctor.

FAQ: Nasolabial fold filler

1: Is injecting the nasolabial folds painful?

No. Supporting the nasolabial folds with a hyaluronic acid-based filler does not cause any pain. The affected areas are anaesthetised before the first injection.

2: How long does a nasolabial fold injection with fillers last?

Every body breaks down hyaluronic acid. How quickly is very individual and different for each person. This also means that the filler is broken down again at different rates. As a rule, the results of this treatment last an average of three to six months and should then be repeated. You have the option of maintaining the result through regular injections.

3: Are side effects to be expected with nasolabial fold fillers?

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are extremely well tolerated. It is an endogenous and natural substance, so there are no allergies.
are present. However, the injected areas are often sensitive after the treatment and small bruises may appear at the direct injection sites, but these will disappear within a few days.
but will disappear within a few days.

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