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The frown line is a so-called mimic wrinkle. It is a vertical wrinkle located between the eyebrows. Frown lines develop over time and are also known as glabellar lines. Many people think that an frown line, depending on how pronounced it is, quickly makes a person look angry or wrathful.

Do you suffer from frown lines yourself and would like to finally have a young, healthy and above all friendly face again? Then the high-quality frown line fillers from our shop are just the thing for you.

The advantages of treatment with the frown line filler:

  • Frown lines can be completely removed with hyaluron or other fillers.
  • You regain your friendly and youthful facial expression
  • The smoothing of wrinkles is possible without surgical intervention
  • Simple and painless application
  • Different treatment options

Injecting frown lines – what exactly happens?

As frown lines are usually deeper wrinkles, they are not only lifted, but the skin in their immediate vicinity is also hydrated.

Treating frown lines with a filler substance is simple and largely painless. Thanks to the application of a numbing cream, you will hardly notice the individual pinpricks. To smooth wrinkles, the product is injected specifically into the affected skin. For this purpose we offer products based on hyaluron. These are considered to be particularly effective, well tolerated and long-lasting.

The injection of the frown lines is done with a thin needle that is specifically injected into the line of wrinkles between the eyes. There the hyaluronic acid can spread so that the wrinkles are smoothed and you get back your friendly and youthful appearance.

Hyaluronic acid filler for the frown line

Hyaluronic acid is excellent for injecting wrinkles, as it also occurs naturally in the body. As a result, injecting wrinkles with fillers based on hyaluronic acid is excellently absorbed by the body. Like other biological substances, hyaluronic acid is also gradually broken down in the body and can be reintroduced to the body by injecting it into the wrinkles. Consequently, volume building with hyaluronic fillers is considered to be very effective.

These derma fillers use a biologically safe cross-linked hyaluronic acid. With this, the skin is given not only a new volume, but also elasticity and moisture. A friendly and natural looking facial expression is now the result of a professional treatment with the fillers from our range.

Important: Since hyaluronic acid is gradually broken down by the body, the frown line injections must be repeated after a few months.

Buy frown lines filler

If you are looking for premium frown line fillers, we offer high-quality derma fillers. In our assortment, we rely exclusively on high-quality, tested and approved derma fillers and offer them to you at particularly low prices.

Important: We recommend that you have your frown line injections performed by a trained doctor. He knows exactly where to place the injections and how much of the solution to use to achieve a perfect result.

FAQ: Frown line filler

How long does the frown line filler last?

The result of injecting the frown line with derma filler lasts between four and six months, depending on the viscosity of the filler. You can then have another treatment with hyaluronic acid.

Is injecting the frown line painful?

No. Wrinkle treatment of the frown line using a fine injection needle is not painful. Before the treatment, the area between the eyes is lightly anaesthetised so that you feel a small amount of pressure at most. After the treatment, the affected area may also feel a little pressure. However, pain is not expected.

Are there any side effects when treating frown lines with hyaluron?

As hyaluron is a substance that is produced naturally in the body, there are usually no side effects during the treatment. After a few hours of wrinkle removal, there may be a slight itching or small built-up spots at the injection sites.

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